The History of Red Algae in Japan

Did you know that red algae has been eaten for thousands of years in the country of Japan?

Nori is a form of edible seaweed and a species of red algae. It is commonly used in Japanese cuisine to wrap sushi, but it’s dried sheets are eaten as a nutritional snack worldwide.

Culinary uses of nori

Nori can be used many different ways in Japanese cuisine. It is commonly used as a wrap for sushi, but can also be used as a flavoring or a garnish. Some types of nori are also served toasted as a snack.

Nutritional uses of nori

Nori is similar to red algae supplements in that they are both rich in essential vitamins. Nori has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, and ribloflavin. Iron, zinc, and niacin can also be found in nori.

Where to buy nori

In the United States, nori can be found at Japanese food stores and some grocery stores. However, one of the easiest ways to find nori or edible seaweed snacks is to purchase it online on Amazon.